White Lightning Axiom: Redux: grinding the bone

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


grinding the bone

Yes, yes ... I've been gone for much too long. Long story short, work sucks. Mowing the lawn sucks because of all the rain. Rampant road construction leading to Bridges being closed randomly results in the work commute sucking. We have gone back to Sesame Place and it was overflowing with rather rude people so that sucked. I got sunburnt to boot ... yep, it sucked. We did get to go to see fireworks and an airshow a few weekends back. I drank too much and got a head-ache ... the parking lot was packed and there were only 3 exits. Yep, suckage. The Mrs had to be away a few time because the MIL needs to restart her chemo. Major Suckage Maximus for the MIL, Situation All Suckyness Beyond Any Reason (SAS-BAR) that the Mrs has to be away. That makes my work schedule rough. The AC was out over this past weekend so we roasted in our brick-oven Manor. One of my tomato plants croaked. Flooding of late has been epidemic. My commute to work took 2.5 hours and I'm falling behind in the project schedule. Sometimes, I just want the world to slow down or stop for a little bit. Just let me catch up. Did I mention that we are being sued for an accident about 2 years ago? Minus one day so the statuted of limitations was about to run out. They wanted 27$K, the insurance comany offered 18.5$K and their lawyer never responded to the counter offer ... FOR TWO YEARS. Did I mention that I paid tons of extra money on my auto insurance to cover us up to 250$K just for this reason? Can I get a big "THAT SUCKS!"? Of late, I've been having a few dizzy spells. Must be that Suckinator MS creeping up on me from the past.

Good news: Jake swam all the way across the pool, by himself. The kids graduated from Pre-pre-school to pre-school. New room, new teachers, new computer that the kids know how to use all too well. Alexis has not wet the bed in weeks ... she might be over that now. The Tyrannical Twins of Turmoil certainly do not suck. I'll take their floods of glee and affection any day.

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