White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Wonking for the weekend.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Wonking for the weekend.

Before it rained yesterday, I managed to get the pastoral expanse referred to as the 'Killing Zone' mowed. Since I'm not bagging right now, it did not take all that long. Perhaps some of this thatch will keep the weeds at bay. The only reason I managed to get anything done before the joke of a rain-storm was a direct result of my earlier departure time. Since I got in at 0620, I figured that leaving at 1530 was within my comfort zone. The CFO gave us a little lecture in the staff meeting that we need not work 40 hr a week if we finish our work so faking out the time sheets by putting 'straight eights' is not useful. Heh, right. In the words of a catfish admiral "It's a TRAP!". No, I'll do my 8 and a tad extra ... just in case. We have some fairly strange policies due to our hybrid hourly/salary pay/bill structure. In any event, I was finished in short order and left at 1700 on a Search and Retrieval Mission. Got the Twin Tyrants dressed and transported in short order. Since we were early, I let them play on the jungle gym set next door. The Upper Moreland Jr High/Elementary school has some really nice sets. Mulched too. We played for about 20 min before the occasional drops became more ... evident. Still, it was just a hint of an ethereal thin essence of rain. Better safe than sorry with the water loving twins though. I would not have an easy time of extracting them should the rain start.

Practice went extremely well ... my little lecture about focus and respect may have sunk in. That, and they got to do tumble/rolls combined with kicks and punches so they were delighted. Jake 'earned' his belt back and he was absurdly proud of himself. I'm certain that they will start the wire-work next week. ;)

Speaking of fantasy .... Alexis was in an unbelievable mood in the morning. She waddled in at 0500, sopping wet. Every stitch of clothing had to be removed. I KNEW I should have gone in at midnight to extort some fluids out of her but I was under the belief that 3 dry days signified an improvement. My bad. On top of that, she was itching like a albino in a stinging nettle briar. Angry little pustules had disfigured her pencil thin fingers and every attempt at relief just spread the damn stuff. This made her even more intractable than ever. Since the Mrs is going up to NYC this weekend (starting today), I'm going to have to find some way to appease her until I have the heart to admonish the poor waif. Sigh ... Daddy's work is never done.

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