White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Sisyphus starts anew

Monday, May 15, 2006


Sisyphus starts anew

For a slow day, many events came to pass. First and foremost, the driver's cockpit seat in the SuperSaturn absorbed thousands of cubic meters of rain water. Leaving my windows open in the spring/summer has consequences. Close them: it's a blast furnace; Leave them open; mobile aquarium. So off to work with a soggy pair of trousers I went. In the rain. Which means only one thing for the local roads here in Pennsyltucky: Instant Asshole, just add water. Through and through, the denizens of this ancient state were in a complete tizzy about the modest rainfall keeping us out of a real drought. I'm thinking that it would be within the best interests of everyone that if you are aquaphobic in your driving, you should have a special license that prohibits you from driving your vehicle on major arteries when it is raining or snowing. Implementing it would be a pain though. I suppose vigilante action would probably be more effective. That or subject them to water torture.

Speaking of H2O, there was a little miscommunication about the swimming lessons that start this week. Initially, I thought that they would be on Monday and Wednesday as a new schedule but the time would remain the same. Oh, what a fool I have been. It was my good fortune that I left early and arrived at the pool, a little after 1700. After a few minutes of 'pool leaping', I saw the swim instructors beckoning the twins over to the little (read: warm) pool. It was only 1730 though! Apparently, the lessons are not at the same times anymore. It's now 1730 to 1800. Well then. Communication is important. Given that, there were only three kids in the class. My two and a 7 year old who cannot swim a lick. Interesting. Even more interesting is that there were three instructors. Cannot complain about the quantity of the instruction now.

We are desperately trying to get the kids to stay in bed in the evenings but things are not going very well. Really cuts down on the personal time that the Mrs and I would like to share. The kids were in and out of our room for an hour or so after their bed time. I'll let them sit and 'read' books in their beds with flash-lights, but they come up with a litany of complaints that only the Parental Figures can address. Need new books, have to pee, tummy hurts, need to spit, thirsty, need to brush teeth, need to crush Chinese fascist commies, batteries are dead, need a kiss, socio-economic outlook of western society is being corrupted by won-ton liberalism, and all other manner of proto-philosophical concepts regarding the arrangement of blankets and pillows in their respective beds. Gha. I could resolve this by getting up an hour early in the morning and getting them to wake up as well, but I just do not have the will, strength or motivation at 0500. That, and it was raining this morning ... again. The grass is going to be a real bugger to mow this weekend. I did manage to haul my but out of bed when the thunder woke me. Took Alexis to the toilet and was rewarded with the music of a tiny stream of urine going into the bowl instead of the sheets. Dumped her inbetween the Mrs and I and drifted in and out of sleep till 0630. Crud. I ended up leaving the house at ten after and shuffled off to the polls to cast my vote in the primaries. Me and one other woman. The rain is going to make the turnout quite thin I imagine. Might be good news for my candidate (Tom Murt) actually.

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