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Tuesday, May 09, 2006



Uff-Da! It's been a wing-dinger of a week and I'm just past Monday. The Mrs took Allergic Alexis to the pediatrician's office and they (for a small extortionary co-pay) confirmed that she did indeed have poison ivy. I should be a doctor! The little one has it all over her face body arms and legs. She doesn't seem to itch it much but it looks rather horrible. Somehow, I got a few patches on my back too. Not sure how but it must have been secondary contact. The touched a sheet or me in the morning and transferred some of the oils. I'm certain that it is coming from the Back-50 so I'll have to clear out that area again. Now where did I put that Napalm. Oh, speaking of out-doors type stuff, I got a notice in the mail that the log splitter has been shipped. Now the eternal wait begins. I wish they had included a tracking number but since I'm paying 5$ for shipping, it's probably being transported by a three legged mule. But I digress. While Alexis was in the loving embrace of Mommy, Daddy took Jakers to the pool and we spent about an hour in the small (read: bath-water warm) pool. He was thrilled to say the least. We were the ONLY ones there. We worked on his front-float a bit and tried some long distance swims. He's a bit uncoordinated with his strokes, but he gets to where he wants to be. He combines his breast stroke with a butterfly and it impedes his forward velocity. I'm just happy that he is making progress.

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