White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Pop!

Friday, May 19, 2006



Recently, we have been desperate about the kids bed time. We bathe them, dress them, read them books and then shut off the lights. Within minutes Jake is trying to Con us into some agreement that would either give him soul ownership of Canada, the Moon or our bed. After several more encounters, he falls asleep. Alexis has been observing and making improvements on his technique. Urgh. Because the do not actually get to sleep till hours later, they are moody and intractable in the morning. This leads up to a situation later in the day when I go and conduct the daily Search and Recovery Detail. I was walking through the Antechamber where the kids were sitting in front of the Boob Tube and a Day Care Professional was sitting on a folding chair. I instructed the kids to go to the bathroom while I collected their equipment and supplies. Off to the side, two of the runts of the class began a tussle and the proctor had to go pry them apart. Immediately, Alexis noticed this opening and climbed up on the chair. Her intention was to leap at me and force me to make the snap decision about catching her ... provided I notice in time. I did not till the last moment where I (with the bad back) twisted about and presented my bent arm for her to latch onto. This was not entirely a successful maneuver. She latched on with one arm (right) but not the other. Her forward momentum carried her mass past me and as a reflex, I pinned my elbow to my hip to keep her from crashing to the cement floor. Something inside her wrist or elbow did not withstand the force and gave way. She spent the next few minutes weeping fiercely and trying to tell me that her elbow hurt. Long story short, she was not very keen on Karate practice and after some time, it was determined that she had suffered a sprained wrist. After a bit of icing, I applied an Ace bandage. She still was protective about the joint in the morning, but it may have more to do with the memory of the pain and not the actual injury itself. Daddy is still trying to cope with breaking his little girl.

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