White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Note

Monday, May 08, 2006



Okay, I've been an awful blogger of late. I've also been busting my buns at work AND home so I'll use that as a fairly lame excuse. All told, I've been burning spoons at a deficit of late so I'm reaping the rewards of my misbehavior. The MIL is doing better and the Minister BIL is back in NYC so he'll be able to keep an eye on her for a bit. Alexis seems to have gotten Poison ivy or has had a reaction to the sunblock so we are keeping an eye on her. Jake is Jake and there is nothing he does that surprises us any more. The Mrs's allergies are in full effect right now so she is, for all intensive purposes, quarantined to the Manor. Yep, spring is here. One little interesting tid-bit: I bought a manual 10 ton hydraulic wood splitter for about 130$ including shipping. I'll get that wood split now!

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