White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Much too early

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Much too early

It's 0620 and I'm at work. Ghaaaa! I'll get back to that in a minute. The swimming session went well last night. Since this is the week off, the kids and I were on our own. Once again, we had access to the little heated pool till about 1800 and then we had to move over to the bigger lane pool. Strangely enough, the club has decided that it would be in the best interests of the swimmers if they bumped up the temperature a few notches. At least is not frozen solid any more. I tried to work on the 'dead-mans float' with the Tyrants and Jake has seemed to master it quite well in a short time. Alexis ... not so much. Still a bit too nervous. No matter. After 75 minutes of submersion (take that David Blaine) the Mrs and I had enough and bribed the Tyrants with dum-dum lolli pops to get out. They would still be in there now given the option.

Back to the insanity. I have a staff meeting at 0700 today and I figured that if I actually went to SLEEP instead of watching that insipid crap peddler that cable TV is, I would get a good night's sleep. Nope. Can't happen. That would disturb the balance of the universe, don't cha know. At 0400 my eyes popped open like an pair of over-ripe melons. I went in and put Alexis through the Potty routine (still dry, add that to the manual) and then tried to sleep for a few more minutes ... with little success. Complete the morning prep detail and then zip off. And I do mean zip. Most of the traffic on the Tpk was rolling along at somewhere between 85 and sub-light speed. I felt like a codger diddling about at 75. Not used to the High speeds, you know. The only break was when passing a police cruiser near a disabled semi, everyone slowed to 80 just a as a matter of recognition. Not that he could have possibly pulled into traffic and caught anyone in particular. The target would be in the next time-zone by the time he got the sirens and lights going. There is .... 30 mile in 35 minutes. I've underestimated the traffic delay on this road to hell before, but not like this. I've forgotten what it is like to travel the local roads when all the signal lights are flashing yellow.

Oh, I just found out my splitter is on back-order. Figures.

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