White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Made it this far

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Made it this far

Karate practice went well again last night. Jake had a few moments where he needed some instruction on how to pay attention, sit still, etc. All the things that normal little boys are unable to do as part of their nature. It's kinda like telling a black hole to stop pulling in matter so much. Of course, since some dingleberry egghead discovered that they could 'slow down' light and even make it go backwards, this is now not quite a relevant analogy. Stupid science, making up theories and proving them to make me look silly. Anyways, the kids are starting to learn some of their forms and tend to practice them at the dinner table. So much so that Jake got pretty worked up after his 90 minute meal marathon and upchucked a big wad of it on the dinner mat. Argh. Right to the bath-tub for him. After we denied him desert, he proclaimed that he was no longer my best friend and that he wanted to go home. Well, to Grams and Gramp's home. Heh, little boys.

Before the whole dinner escapade, I decided to take advantage of the late light and relatively dry(er) weather to give the Mastodons a good scrubbing. It's been some time now and they were starting to stink up the house. If you own large pets, you know the smell. Something along the lines of sweat socks worn to aerobics classes all week and then stuffed with cheetos and put in a sun warmed car in August along with a bucket of hot water. Yeah, it gets into your clothes and nose and you do not get accustomed to the stink. I kennel Thor during the day and let Katie stay out. She will not pee or poop while indoors if she can help it. Thor is a clod and cant help but poop inside. He gets all worked up since Katie enjoys teasing him. I confuse the dogs with the kids all the time because of these personality quirks. In any event, we were all out of the usual shampoo I used for the hounds so I fell back on the 10,000 different tiny single serve bottles that the Mrs has absconded with from various hotels across the globe. Needless to say, the Hounds did not appreciate the cold hose but spent the rest of the evening sniffing each other's newly acquired 'poofy' scents. Yes, my dogs are Metro-Sexuals. Since they are both fixed, it bothers me not. And hey, I can tolerate the smells of juniper, spring showers and lilac blooms. They'll be the fanciest canines at the vet's office this weekend. Should dress them up in tuxedo's and tails, eh?

Final note; the kids were up all night since we put them to bed ON TIME. Jake 'snuck' in at 0400 and climbed over my head to get in between the Mrs and I. He knows that at that the but-crack of dawn, we are not going to lift a finger to apply behavioral modification. At 0600, he was less than compliant with our requests for him to get up and get going. I'll have to make some ice for that 'rude awakening' maneuver. You know, the one that involves solid H2O in your briefs. We don't have this problem on the weekends ... I'll probably have to talk to the Child Care Professionals about that mid-day nap. It's not helping.

UPDATE: My candidate (Murt) won the primary.

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