White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Furious Friday

Friday, May 26, 2006


Furious Friday

Another experiment with interesting results. I left the safety of the Haupertonian Empire and World Combine HQ at 0647. Arrival at the work-site at 0720. Friggen all time record. If I leave any earlier, I'll go back in time for certain.

Daughter Report: She has a poison ivy/sumac rash again. From whence!? Day-care. Apparently several other children have been stricken as well. I'm guessing it is in the mulch on the playground. DAMMIT. The Mrs kept her near-by today even going so far as to bring her into work for a bit. We put mittens on her to keep the irresistible scratching and inevitable spread down to a minimum. Yes, the anger wells within me so greatly that the Dark Sith and their sissy Emperor are wetting themselves. She has an appointment at 1800 tonight with the pediatrician so she'll miss karate practice. Since we had a mid-afternoon downpour, I won't be mowing the lawn and thusly, do not mind taking Jake to practice. He needs more attention in this field anyways.

Final lob: Went to the Cummings truck sale today and picked up

Who says that men do not like to shop!

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