White Lightning Axiom: Redux: CHOP!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006



Well, another day and my manual hydraulic wood splitter is still not here. Probably a good thing since the Mrs will be off to NYC again this weekend. The MIL is going through a rough spot but since she is in the ICU, these things are discovered and treated promptly. Good news: you are getting excellent care; Bad New: you are in the ICU and require excellent care. Most disturbing. I'll have to lob a few prayers off to St Philomena.

Karate practice went 50/50 last night. Alexis did a SUPERB job at following direction and learning the lessons. She can count to 10 in Korean now. I'm flabbergasted. I forget what they call some of the sets of actions they go through, but she knows at least one. Jake, the little boy he is, got into a pot of trouble along with this ADD kid. Jake has an attention span that would frustrate a may-fly. Indeed, because he could not focus for more than a few slices of a second, he ended up sitting along the side for a considerable spell and then ended up loosing his belt due to intransigence. He'll earn it back in the next lesson, but being 'less than little sister' is almost more than his tiny ego can take. That and she is already talking about how she is such a good girl and he is such a bad boy for loosing the belt. This will probably be a contentious subject to be constantly brought up for the next 3 months.

Speaking of nuisance irritations, the poison ivy Alexis is harboring seems to be getting a bit worse. Inching forward like some insidious creeping cellular sedition. Spreading even. I'm sure it'll dissipate soon but it just breaks my heart to see that angry red blight racing over her tender skin. That, and when I roust her from the sleep of oblivion, the itching begins again. I wake her at midnight and 0500 for potty sessions ... just in case. The desert last night was watermelon and in spite of the calls for chocolate, the melon went over quite well. But is WATER melon. Oddly enough, she did not have to 'void' at midnight but was more than full at the second session. Niagara falls should be ashamed for being so weak compared to this torrential flow.

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