White Lightning Axiom: Redux: 10 ton jack and 240 miles

Thursday, May 25, 2006


10 ton jack and 240 miles

So traffic was actually light yesterday. Turns out, the President used a helicopter convoy between PHX and the Power Plant. Everyone assumed the worst and sat tight leaving the regional arteries nearly abandoned. Sweet. Got to swimming pool with 20 minutes of splash-time to spare. Unless, of course, that old-fart curmudgeon of a life guard comes over and insists that the kids wear 'floaters' since, by his judgment, they are not swimmers. He spends most of his time chatting with the girls at the pool and very little time doing much else. Whatever. I put the floats on the kids and then had the instructors promptly take them off much to his amazement.

Left the Manor at 0651 this morning, got to the work-site HQ at 0725. That leads me to one conclusion ... everyone I run across on the Turnpike if I leave at 0700 is out to make my life a mess. I cannot believe that a miserable scrap of time covering 10 minutes can determine if I spend 35 minutes or 65 minutes on the road. It's just astounding. I should follow the President's lead and see what I can do about getting a personal helicopter. Heck, maybe I should talk to GM and ask them where the hell are all the Jetson Style Flying Cars. We were promised flying cars in the future ... and the future is now.

Oh, and I finally got fed up with harborfreight.com. I cancelled my order which has been on BackOrder for 3 weeks now. There is going to be a truckload tool sale by Cummins at the VF Convention Center this Friday/Saturday and they are advertising the same splitter for 99$. It's odd how the two web sites look so similar, eh? One thing of interest though: Solar Panels.

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