White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Karate practice did not go very well last night for Alexis. Jake was really into it but my little weeping princess was not all together sure she wanted to be there. The minute I put that uniform on her she latched onto my leg like it was the last life preserver on the Titantic. Eventually, I managed to extract my mangled limb and she was escorted out onto the mat ... where she wailed and did a real-life simulation of Niagara falls till the Master picked her up and held her ... for the next 30 minutes. It was like watching a little rhesus monkey cling to a tree-trunk till she eventually calmed down and sat to the side. This went on till the 'kicking and punching' practice started in the last 15 minutes. Only then, when there was simulated violence, did she snap to and really get into it. I suppose, like swimming and birthday parties, she will become familiar with the environment and people. Then the kit-gloves will come off and 'watch-out world'! At the end, each of the children are asked how they helped their parents today. Of course, such temporal questions are befuddling to a 4yr old and the scope of 'today past' encompasses everything from that moment to the beginning of memory. Jacob's proclamation of 'helping mommy clean up a mess' was his triumphant and Herculean effort of picking up peanut shells from our bedroom rug after he shelled a bag full while sitting in front of the television with his sister. Alexis, Maiden of the waves and ruler of the briny deep, helped daddy with the laundry by bringing her favorite fuzzy blanket upstairs from the dryer after she had accidentally wet the bed the previous week. Daddy, of course, did the laundry and Mommy did the folding. Given that, she 'helped' both of us. Here are some pics from last Friday:

Jacob assaulting others in a game of dodge ball

Jacob retreating

Alexis Flanking the opposition

Alexis alerting Jacob that Barging will not be tolerated


Jumping Jacks

and Learing the Rules

And of course, a complementary Garden Pic with sawdust:

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