White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Momentum Interrupted

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Momentum Interrupted

Whenever I visit the Parental Units at the Forward Operations Base in the heathen wastelands of Ithaca, I always end up in strange state of restlessness that feels unsettling. The devil rides upon an idle horse, you know. Other than watching over the kids and helping Amish Dad move a 'kaput' refrigerator from the bottom of the 45 grade base perimeter to the top, I was without tasks. No goals, not an aim in site ... just relax. Befuddling. Most of my duties revolve around bathing and watching over the kids and hounds. These are, as simple sounding as they may be, actually quite draining. The Mrs slept in till past 1000 hours this morning so I did get to spend quite a bit of 'quality' time with the tyrants. Got the bruises and contusions to show for it too. Gramps had to go in to work for the last few days of taxes and the Mrs went shopping along with Grams. Big little brother was busy with his own business so it was up to me to defend the position at all costs. My plan was to drop in the DVD of Narnia that Big Little Brother was kind enough to provide. Plans, yeah. Sure. The Tyrants had other ideas. Seeing that I read the book years ago, I was not in any need for a refresher course but I thought the kids would get something out of it. No, they were more interested in nearly everything else BUT the TV. They were very interested this morning when that cartoon called 'Brats' was on ... teaching our kids to be prostitutes and hoochie-mamas. Bleh. Devil's plot I tell ya. After the Mrs, Grams and Gramps returned, I surrendered to the tides of exhaustion and took a nap. A nice long Dagwood nap. Two even, one on the sofa and one on the bed. Been a long while since I've blew a few hours in such an unproductive way. I did end up taking a walk with the kids after giving the dogs a bath. Not an entirely listless day.

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