White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Metal shavings

Monday, April 17, 2006


Metal shavings

Ahh, the grinding gears of the IT industry have shuddered to life again. As I settle back into my pigeonhole of eternal belittlement, I think back on the 'arduous' journey I took yesterday which brought me back to my rightful place in the world. Fellow cogs beware, for I preach the heretical liturgy of living OUTSIDE THE BOX!!! The prophesy of the new age of gearless processing shall be fulfilled! Death to all those who oppose us and stand in the way of jeweled reticular motion! Ahh ... oh, ahem. As I was saying, the long and butt-numbing journey started as it usually does; a warm and long good bye ceremony at the FOB starting roughly around 1615 hours. The kids wail, gnash their teeth and advocate an extended stay by whatever means possible. Since the Family Tank has solid rubber tires with carbon fiber crossweave, their attempts at flattening the tires with flechette rounds were ineffective. After filling up the cargo-bay and attaching the top supplemental storage pod, we were off. Scooby-doo was on the dvd player and the bucket-full of narcotics we slipped the kids was starting to take effect. Within two hours, they both where out cold. Now usually, we would only give Alexis the car sickness immunization but Jake insisted on having his own share in spite of viewing the particularly violent, yet ineffective fight his sister put up. She is not entirely interested due to it's peculiarly bitter taste. Jake will eat anything that does not run faster than he does. They both fell asleep within a few minutes of each other and made the remaining trip a contest of how quiet we could be so we would not have to stop for a rest-room break till we arrived at the manor. With the kids safely in their drug induced coma, I was not distracted by the Tyrants as usual and had CPU cycles available to actually NOTICE things outside the armored bubble for the rest of the trip (before it got dark).

There was a blinking light sign at the PA border proclaiming that April 22nd was 'PA CLEANUP DAY'. Hmmm, as a supporter and advocate of 'Remember the Pay Raise', I contend that November 15th is the real clean-up day. Just my take. A little bit further, I saw another sign on a lot littered with decaying vehicles and other refuse. It indicated that there are 20 acres for sale. No price listed though. I'll wager it's a steal since it is in the middle of Lackawanna county and not near any particular exit on Interstate 81. Potential new home of the Haupertonian World HQ? If the Tolerant and Logical Mrs has any input, all 20 acres would be stuffed up my hind-quarters. Oh snap. I'll have to save my dimes and invest in shares of the family farm I suppose. Far enough that the Mrs would have no fear of residing there, close enough that I would not have to learn a new language, cold enough that AC is thought of as 'strange', windy enough that I could also propose that we grow wind-mills instead of winter wheat. And that brings me to the interesting discovery that we made just outside of Scranton/WilkesBerry on the NE-PA-TPK. Twelve gigantic windmills all lined up on the crest of a hill. I knew we had green energy facilities (Limerick Nuke Plant?) in PA, I just did not know where. You don't see them from a southernly approach but when coming from the North, they are rather fantastic looking. Straight out of some Sci-Fi book cover actually. There are no buildings or anything around so it has a rather surreal appearance. A bit south of there is the NE-PA-TPK tunnel (near Jim Thorpe) that goes through a similar ridge. I'm surprised that there are no windmills there yet. It would be that much more impressive given the visibility of the ridge. Honestly though, I would rather see more nukes than windmills built on landfills.

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