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Thursday, April 06, 2006



Doldrums of the week-day marathon from Monday to Friday. Oh, joy. Really. If it were not for these slow times I would certainly work myself into a coma. Which may not necessarily be a bad thing. I could use the sleep. Speaking of sleep, I had a peculiar dream the other night. Usually, I do not remember these thing but it was so disturbing I could not help but recall it. In this night terror, I found out that someone had absconded with half of the fire-wood from our stash. Disturbing in that I apparently was not woken up by all the noise that must have happened during the operation. Peculiar in that I was angst ridden about it too. Not angry, just worried and upset. I suppose if I had lost 250$ I would feel that way. That reminds me, I need to stop off at one of the industrial complexes on the way back to the manor tonight and ask if the stacks of pallets behind their facility (next to the local commuter train tracks) is up for grabs. Best to ask first you know. Don't want to be dodging shotgun fire from angry homesteaders.

Swim night went well the other evening. The Mrs arrived in time to spend a little spell in the pool and found it to be a bit chilly. The Tyrants did not seem to mind as shrieks of joy rang out through their blue lips and chattering teeth. They are getting quite ambitious too. When lessons begin next week, the instructors will certainly have their hands full. Much like the wife and I as we continue to come under assault every evening. This time, both of them came in. Does not leave much space for the 'bracket' parents. We are just book-ends keeping them from rolling off the edge.

Flash forward to the next day ... rain, snow, traffic snarled. Standard weekday stuff. Did a little floor sanding and then threw up the white flag when I stated hacking up sawdust. I suppose I should open the windows when I do this. So close to done, but yet so far away. Walls need repainting and then wallpaper needs to be hung. There is ceiling work to be done as well. Lots of wood work too. Sigh... A craftsman's job is never done.

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