White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Feckless ambiguity

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Feckless ambiguity

Not much to say about yesterday other than I spent much too much time wrestling with the evil that is VB.Net and it's accursed datasets. I'm probably going to spend way too much time on this. I know what I want and the logic is fairly straight forward, it's the mechanisms behind it that I'm going to have to decipher.

Swimming lessons went well. Managed to conduct the Search & Recovery mission quickly enough in spite of the awful traffic conditions. We had sufficient time to do about 15-20 minutes of 'free-form' swimming before the lessons began. This quality time with daddy consists of the Twins repeatedly climbing out of the pool so they can jump in and swim to me. I then lift them out of the water and launch them towards the stairs so they can climb out and repeat. It's more of an upper body workout for me than it is for them. It does burn off some of that pent up energy before the lessons and the do gain a little courage as well. Not as much hesitancy about doing things the swim instructors (with hairy faces) ask them to do.

Recently, Jake has started with a dry cough and Alexis has been sniffling some thing fierce. I'm afraid that we have something worse than a cold going on here. No, the issues my include allergies for Alexis and asthma for Jake. The Mrs and I will have to bring this up at our next pediatric visit. I am certainly hoping that this will be yet another case of over-reaction. The up side is that if Alexis has allergies, she certainly does not have my immune system and will most likely not be subject to my condition. Jake ... well, we will just have to keep an eye on him. His immune system is much like mine in that it overreacts to everything. At least we know what to look out for.

A little good and bad news to wrap up with. The Maternal Mrs arrived back home from NYC shortly after we got to the Manor last night. Since it was still light outside, we let the Twins draw on the Mile Long Drive with various colors of chalk while I planted several packs of seeds among the tulips and daffodils. So much space in the front garden beds now that I've removed this one onerous bush. I also had a few moments to put in a Pink Fringed
Bleeding Heart
which should do nicely where the Flowering dogwoods once were. While rooting in the dirt and yanking out onion grass, I noticed that the squirrels were at it again. Digging up bulbs and spreading havoc in general. Destroyed one of the potted flowers and snapped off the top 3 inches of one of my older Asiatic lilies. Little varmints. Time to buy a shotgun I tell ya.

Back to the kids. I had set out dinner before leaving for the swimming lessons so when the time came, the Mrs just needed to reheat the meal and slide it to the ravenous tykes. A short time later, the MIL called and was complaining of stomach discomfort. Long story short, the calls to and from NYC continued throughout the night and ended with admittance to the hospital. Fortunately, her cousin was in the area and was able to bring her in to the emergency room. The Mrs will be heading back up this morning instead of Thursday night and I was in charge of internment of the twins at the Day Care/ReEducation Facility this morning since she was busy making arrangements. If anyone has a spare moment, drop in a quick prayer for the Mrs and the MIL. There needs to be some minor surgery but since the MIL does not speak english, the Mrs needs to be there to make sure everything is taken care of and explained. Eldest daughter is a tough slot to fall in but she is making the best of a difficult situation. The mettle of ones character needs to be fired in the kiln of adversity.

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