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Friday, April 07, 2006



Okay, it's the end of the week and I plowed through all three projects given to me at work a bit too quickly. Gave me time to head out with the guys both Thursday AND Friday for beer and beef. Urk. I left Sisyphus in the dust with his little pebble. Now, I just need to worry about my annual review. Nearly 900 billion years at the same company. A lifetime in today's high tech world. Actually, it's closer to 9 years, but in dog years, that's a lot. Sure, I'm no great Dane or Wolfhound but at least I'm not some yapping lap dog. 'yap, yap, yap' Annoying. Speaking of annoying capitalist lap dogs .... the Taxes have been sent out ... mostly. We had to give onto Caesar what was Caesar's. A smidge back from State, county, local, district, development and block though. Friggen taxes. I'm trying to remember if I'm supposed to bend, fold or mutilate the forms ... guess I should play it safe and do all three. Did I mention 'friggen taxes' yet?

Swimming with the Tyrants and Aquatic Mrs went well last night. More than an hour in the pool and they only drank 10% of the volume. Just need to get Alexis to keep her mouth shut when swimming and she'll do much better. Jake, that friggen MerMan, has no trouble keeping his head above the water line now. That is, when he is not swimming underwater. When he starts summoning the citizens of the see to hold court, I'll be rather unsurprised. Since it was Thursday, it was supposed to be Pizza night. I forgot. On top of that, the regular pizza joint is moving and will no longer be our 'regular pizza joint'. Tis a shame, but the Elitist Manhattan Pizza Mrs is not shedding a tear. I found a closer place that does the thin-crust really well. Some fellow straight off the boat from Italy runs the place with his family and it's about 400 meters up the street. I got a large with extra cheese and bacon for about 14$. She loved it (met her thin-crust criteria to a tee) and the kids are eating whole slices now instead of minced bits. Yeah, we'll survive.

Called Emerald Karate, they are fine with the kids being slightly under 4. Heh, will they rue the day they said that? I'll have to let them know about Jacob's fondness for fire alarms. We'll be stopping off on Friday (today) for an intro and the uniforms. I'll wager that Alexis will INSIST on a pink belt instead of the white one. Red, at least. Since the lessons begin at 1800 hours, I'll have to see if I can give them a little snack before hand to tide them over till dinner. Additionally, I stopped off at the 'Yardley Mills' warehouse where they have stacks of used pallets next to the SEPTA tracks and they gave me permission to take as much as I want. Excellent, no gun-play. Always a good way to start the weekend. Since I'll be visiting the dentist that morning, I'll have little tolerance for unnecessary pain. Sure, they are 'painless' dentistry but 'Attila the Hygienist' does not seem to buy in on the corporate line. When you spit and you swear you see more blood than water, well, it tends to leave a sour (metallic?) taste in your mouth. Speaking of water and sour, Alexis seems to be having bladder issues over the last 3 days. I blame myself and the Mrs actually. If we would get up a bit earlier (0600 is our supposed waking hour), she would wake as well and get herself to the toilet. This morning, she broke down in tears over not being able to bring her blanket into our bed since it was moist with urine. I eased her troubled soul with a bowl of sugar coated crack called Capitan Crunch. Things were better after that but we need to work with her on this. Poor thing.

Oh, almost forgot, here is a token shot of the Haupertonian Agricultural Sector.
Fancy, eh?

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