White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Bold outlook

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Bold outlook

We went to the first night of swimming under new lesson plan. The place was a ZOO. Apparently, the local JCC had a problem with their pool (the bottom sunk out) so they were 'renting' pool time at the same time the Tyrannical Twins. The Little Pool which is indistinguishable from a boiling cauldron was packed with Elderly folk doing Aqua-Aerobics. Good for them, but I sure miss swimming in that warmer pool. Call me a wuss, but in spite of the troubles it causes me, I sure like warm water. Along the sides of the large pool, a flock of troubled parents and shrieking 'non-swimmer' children were milling about. I could tell that the single life-guard was nearing the limit of his frustrations. Fortunately, this is only supposed to last for 8 weeks. Then we can go back to the 'pre-swim daddy-dunking fun time' lead up to the lessons. Of the 8 children in the level 2 class, Jake and Alexis were some of the most confident and strongest swimmers. Makes all those days of 'cold-water fusion' worth while. The female instructors were also quite smitten with Jake's unparalleled attentiveness and liberal affections. Alexis, who is usually reserved, was very nonchalant about the whole situation and is now familiar enough with the male instructors that she does not freeze into a comatose statue at their appearance. I'm betting that the Tyrants probably be leading the pack when it comes to the next class. I fully expect that they will be full-fledged Mermen/Mermaids by this time next year.

Later on, after the SUCCESSFUL swim lessons, we zipped on back to the Manor where we let the Tyrants prance about in the sandpit/Twin Towers while the Cybernetic Mammoth Attack Hounds stood guard and kept an eye out for Commie Jihadist Fascist intruders. I busied myself with bringing the Industrial Reinforced Pallets out to the far edge of the Back-50 and finally getting to doing a bit of gardening in the front flower beds. I have a dozen of the pallets, but I'll probably need a few more. The are fairly heavy too. I think they held some sort of thread spools so they had to be able to take on a few tons. I could only carry one at a time so it took a bit of gumption to get the task completed. After some time playing with the kids and throwing chew-bones to the furry version of kids, they forgot about me and I locked the back portcullis down so I could focus on getting the rest of the bulbs into the ground. Speaking of ground, I'll probably need to mow the lawn on Thursday night ... I nearly got lost in the jungle a couple of time while kneeling down. So much to do and still so little daylight left at the end of the day. That reminds me, I need to put up the new Flags after I get back from the FOB this weekend.

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