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Thursday, April 13, 2006



Once again, Alexis was about as coy as could be. We went home first so I could get the kids into their uniforms and let her calm down a bit before we zipped (read: hammered through traffic as if I were chiseling marble with a limp noodle) off to the Martial Arts Complex of Deadly Arts. The weather was threatening and the humidity in the air (and the pain in my knee) was heavy enough to make me consider getting out the umbrella. It never did come to rain, but I knew if I were to even attempt a pass at mowing the lawn, I would be immediately driven back by a storm that would make Noah quake in fear. I'll have to make a desperate attempt to mow on Thursday evening after swimming practice. Perhaps, I'll have enough time to plant those ferns too. A boy can dream, no? Oh, wait. I was talking about Karate Practice, right? Anyways, it turns out that we were the only students there so the Twins got some serious 1 on 1 time with the instructors. Alexis did well since she was not intimidated by all the shouting and such. She'll be okay probably by the end of next week.

In less than a day, we will be setting out to do Recon and to reinforce the FOB. The Tyrannical Twins will put on their Game Faces and do their best to mesmerize the Grandparents. Expect much consumption of chocolate and jellybeans to commence. Perhaps, I'll get a chance to wash the dogs while I'm up there. It seems that the only time they get a bath is when the Grandparents are about. Is that wrong or what? Speaking of stinky hounds, last night was peculiar given that Katie snarfed down a whole ball of wasabi. I was taking out some table scraps to the composter and when I bent over to pick up one of the aluminum take-out containers I dropped, it rolled out of the container and over the ground (picking up driveway cruft along the way) right into Katie's ravenous maw. Flash forward thirty minutes and said wasabi is now artfully presented on the livingroom carpet. Nice. Word of advice to you pet-owners out there: Man's best friend is a dufus. She threw up one more time before her distress was over, but I learned my lesson. Do NOT let her accompany me to the composter any more. I should have known that from the time I caught her eating a rotten onion out of our open compost pile, but I can be thick sometimes.

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