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Saturday, March 25, 2006



This weekend nearly killt me! Jake was up on Saturday morning in the heavy and sunlight laden hours of 0630. Ohhh, man. That kid is just like daddy when I was a sprout. From then on out, it was the tote-hefting manual labor fest. I managed to get the remainder of the largish logs cut up and everything stacked by 1330. Used up eight 30 gallon yard waste bags to hold the sawdust and still had a 4 foot mountain left over. Then, it started to sprinkle ... then rain in earnest. My efforts were prematurely aborted. There was still gardens to till and flower-beds to clean. It'll have to wait till the following weekend I suppose. Later, when I finally acquiesced to the weather, I took Jake with me to the Local Home Depot Temple where he took a test-ride on every lawn tractor they had. Rough time getting him to dismount though. Everything is a John Deere to him as well. Need to get him a JD hat some day. Grabbed a 55 gallon drum of chain oil and some new tomato cages. Needed some more lawn waste bags and found them near the gardening section. While there, I plucked through the bulbs looking for some left-overs from the fall with no luck. It seems that I've been loosing a few daffodils every year in the front. Now, there are gaping holes in the flower defense grid. I'll have to try to remember where the losses are so I can put new ones in this coming fall. It's hard to forecast out that far though. The level of my gardening impetus is fickle. One day, I'll want to plant a rain-forest, the next I'll want to pave the whole damn lot.

On the way back from our restocking-run, we saw a truck and a train. That made it all worth it for Jake. I made a slight detour to see if I could catch the train after it's next stop, but to no avail. This did give me an opportunity to make a stop at the local PLBC though. After a few minutes loading up on 1liter bottles of Aussie Reds. Man, I'm loving this boon of potty training. No more diapers == restock wine racks. Now if I could just get AT the wine racks. So much of the kids 'obsolete' toys and equipment is down in the basement that I can barely get at the wine cellar.

Flash forward to Sunday. Every muscle in my body hurts, and I grew a few new ones just so they could hurt too. I guess heftng 200 pound rounds to stack them has a mighty steep price to pay. If it were just light outside till 10pm, I could get some of this done on week nights! I should watch what I wish for though, ya know. I took Jake with me to church and he was a real bugger to watch over. He was intent on making a fuss the whole time. Fortunately for the besieged parishioners around us, we left after communion to go help collect funds for the Adults Mental Disability group. I think that is their name. It's a KoC thing. We collected quite a bit at the 1000 mass ... I had over 125 myself and there were 6 of us there. Jake did his best to be a draw by doing his 'cute' thing. Call me Fagin. Later on, back at the Manor, I take a nap. An honest nap! Well, punctuate it with multiple attempts by the kids to put plastic animals in my mouth and pull my eyelids back, but I got a good hour or two in for certain. Needed it, really. Got up enough moxie to fill 4 more bags with wood chips and haul in a tub of wood. If the days were actually longer, I probably would not survive the week due to my own delusions about what I can and cannot do by myself.

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