White Lightning Axiom: Redux: TGIF 2006.03.24

Friday, March 24, 2006


TGIF 2006.03.24

Whew ... did'nt think I would make it through the week. You know, working in the software sweatshops of SEPA and all. Digital Jungle. The horror, the horror. I'm not sure how I get so damn exhausted from gazing into a couple of 21 inch monitors. It happens though. Must be some sort of ethereal vampiric entity draining my will to continue so that I fall beneath it's spell. Yes, it will call me forth and feast upon my woeful cries for all eternity. Mmmmm, gainful employment! Back at the manor, it was pizza night so I did not have to slice and heat up the fois gras, steam the baby artichokes and tenderize the filet mignon wrapped in bacon for the kids. The wild mushroom and steamed mountain veggie mix is the hardest part, the bechamel sauce is never quite right. Anyways, while the Tyrants were busy scarfing down the pizza, I prepared the supplies for the evening and then headed out to the carport to 'chuck wood'. You see, the wood chunks are scattered about and I need to stack them nicely in towers so I can find the ones that are too big for 'rending' this weekend. That, and I need to clean up all the damn saw-dust since Jake likes to pretend it is snow and throw it at any moving target within range. The kid is such a mischief maker ... reminds me of someone else from years ago.

The Mrs and I have determined that we need to get Jake's room finished up ASAP. You see, he is quite determined to sleep in a larger, softer bed. If that means he needs to launch an evening assault on our 'platform of slumber', so be it. Last evening his rationale was as follows (ordered by occurrence):

  • Moi-Moi is scaring me!
  • Hand hurts
  • Needs new book
  • Unspecified - snuggles
  • This evening, he caught a glimpse of the recent 'Hulk' movie where our green buddy was busy using tanks as badminton equipment. Jake's insightful critique of this is that 'He BIG'. I'm thinking his ulterior motives for the bedroom invasions is that he wants to watch the 'good TV shows' instead of all this Scooby-Doo tripe that his sister insists on watching. Just wait till we watch the whole LOTR series.

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