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Friday, March 10, 2006


template day

It was a mundane Thursday. No huge surprises, no alien invasion, civil war, exploding suns or bad beer. I'm actually starting to cough less too. The TB ward environment of hacking and horking has spread to work though. Jake is starting to sound like Patient 0. I know of at least two ppl in Rochester who have complained that they now are sick. Their reported symptoms are identical to the ones I suffered through. Some folk who went back to DC, NE and the west coast probably hauled it along with them as well via plane, train and automobile. I was commenting to one of my unaffected (uninfected?) coworkers that the next great pandemic will probably not be sars, ebola or bird flu ... it'll be a nasty bug from day-care spread from coast to coast within the span of 3 days.

I went out to lunch with some of the regular 'beer drinkers anon' guys at work. John Harvard's is now our locale of choice. I had an open meat-loaf sandwich with a side of mashed taters and a couple pints of a damn fine brew. All those carbs sat in my gut and made the rest of the day seem like a month. That's the way it goes though. Everyone goes out on Fridays so we prefer not to. Crowds and all tend to slow service to a black-hole temporal crawl. Nope ... the 7th inning streach that Thursday has become will continually vex me.

The Mrs left for NYC last night. The kids got a quick kiss/hug and she was off. Now it's just me, and the forces of EEeeevilllll. The Twin Tyrants mounted upon the canine steeds from hell. Actually, they behaved quite well. It was pizza night after all. Alexis was a bit difficult, but that is not outside the norm. Tonight should be interesting though. The logs are getting delivered today and I'll wager that he drives his truck on the lawn. There is a quagmire in the front these days and we may have inherited a new tri-axle truck as a lawn ornament. I'm certain Jake would love that. Oh, I'll need to stop off at Sears or Lowes and pick up a chain-saw. It's going to be a long weekend. Maybe we'll build a log cabin.

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