White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Plague

Tuesday, March 21, 2006



Well, swim night did not go so good this time. We only had one swim instructor for 6 kids and it was Dimitry ... Ivan ... Oh, whoever. The guy with the Miami Vice beard that Alexis is mortified by. It took me 20 minutes of cajoling to get her to cooperate. At least the kids had 30 minutes of swim time before the lessons. Needless to say, after paying 100$ for each child for 6 sessions, the Mrs was quite perturbed. She let some fellow who was assisting the new swim director have it with both barrels. I told her before hand that there was really nothing the fellow could do about it, he was just an advisor. In the end, I'm certain we will abandon the formal lessons and I'll have to work with the kids twice a week to bring them along. Tues/Thurs will work out nicely. That way we can have M/W/F open for martial arts training. Yep, there goes every single week-day evening. I called this place near-by called Emerald Karate (215-443-0401). They charge a measly 79$/m including uniforms and we can go 5 times a week if we feel like it. From 1800 till 1900 every evening. The instructor is an elementary school teacher and they take children as young as 4. Their facility is just down the road on Byberry in an old elementary school building. I think this will do just fine.

This morning, I woke to find Jacob snuggled in between the Mrs and Myself. I was dead tired and soon found out why. I think my little Patient 0 has imparted yet another virus upon me. You know, I was just getting well too. No, sore throat, sniffles ... could be mild. One can hope. Oh, and we are expecting snow this afternoon. Thank you Mother Nature, for giving us Spring. Urgh.

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