White Lightning Axiom: Redux: No bananas

Friday, March 31, 2006


No bananas

It's Friday and the pressure is off. Of course, I resigned myself to not pushing through the week with my usual fervor. I was thoroughly drained when I got home last night. I throw a pizza in the oven and crank up the wood stove. Sure, It's warmer these days (51 today) but until the AC kicks over, I'm going to keep feeding that beast. Can you believe that some of the carbon-fiber coated titanium baffles melted? A little of the edge has disintegrated as well. Intriguing, but not entirely surprising. After the hurting I put on the mountain of wood from 4 years ago, I'm actually intrigued that the fire-bricks didn't disintegrate sooner. Alien technology fire-bricks, indubitably.

Fetch the kids, process the ride, commit the transaction. Let them draw on the newly swept drive while I planted the summer bulbs in the few remaining empty spots in the front flower bed. It took a bit longer than expected since the hemlock tree that remains is starting to lay out new roots. It looks awful and one of it's 3 spires is nearly bereft of needles but it keeps on going. Perhaps next winter I'll remove it as well. Tangent realignment here ... flower bulbs. Yes, I ended up chopping root till the sun had sputtered out and the stars started to glow. My neighbors are used to me digging holes in the yard under the cover of darkness and a few wandered by ... looking for bodies no doubt. Heh, not in the winter while the incinerator is running! I'll have more time Friday afternoon to do a bit of grounds-keeping. And perhaps do an initial run of the tiller over the veggie garden. I'll have to crank up the land-mover to level it out first ... the back-50 is in rough shape.

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