White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Mundane

Friday, March 17, 2006



Hey, another day of 'zilch' to report. Of course, I'm still fascinated by the tedious details. The 5th night in a row that Alexis has kept her pull-up diaper dry is on the top of my list. She is a hold-out on the over-night bladder front. I cannot blame her though, some days it just too damn cold to get out of bed, chop a hole in the ice that formed on the toilet and sit on that 5 degree Kelvin porcelain seat. Yes, I get excited about my kids potty habits. Go figure. It must be the thought of spending the money budgeted for diapers on fine wine instead. Same end result though, I'll end up in a puddle of urine but it will be mine instead.

Jake was up to his shenanigans again. He strolled into our bedroom at 2300 hours and crawled in between the Maternally Gracious Mrs and I. We tried putting him back in his own bed, but he just ran right back within a few seconds. We surrendered and let him stay. He dropped off to sleep in a few minutes ... then the Eternally Groggy Mrs, and then finally myself. Flash forward a few hours and it's 0230. My cell phone is ringing in the bathroom. I'm confused. Where am I, what is that noise? It's not the alarm clock since I have it set to wake me with country music. Eventually, the Mrs tells me it's my cell phone and I lumber into the bathroom to retrieve the dream-killer. It has stopped bleating at that point and I check the 'missed call' listing. The origin is shown as '(no number)'. Well, that's new. No number, no message, just a fractured sleep session. Urgh. While we are awake, we transfer the still sleeping package of boyish cuteness back to his own bed and return to our own to grab a few more hours of much needed rest. Strange.

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