White Lightning Axiom: Redux: It's a procrastination thing.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


It's a procrastination thing.

Normally, I could go on and on about nothing. My error today, however, was going out with the gaggle of engineers for beer and comfort food. Not necessarily good fuel for witty and engaging blogging. Other than the Daddy-rific swim instruction and my eventual collapse vis-a-vis exhaustion last night, there was very little of consequence that peaked my interest. Sure, there was the annoyance of being kicked out of the pool by one lousy aqua-aerobics participant. I mean, jeeze, she wasn't THAT fat. We can share, it's a big pool and all. She must have been Serbian or something. Afterwards, I bumped into a brother-father in the locker room with his 4 boys and 1 infant girl. Nice enough guy, doing the same thing I am. I cannot imagine trying to pay for 5 lessons. The club fees along must be deadly for a budget. Somehow, he accurately detected my well-veiled Minnesota accent. Peculiar, I did not think I had such. Then again, I'm not the kind of guy who likes to hear himself jabber away. I suppose that would make me a particularly poor politician.

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