White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!


Hey, yeah, I'm back and feeling good. Well, at least a whole lot better than last week. A lot happened over the last 7 days, but most of it revolved around the software engineering on my current project, shoveling snow and sanding hardwood floors. Entirely too exciting, I know. Barely can speak about it! Ack. The big items are, as trivial as they may be, very exciting to me. Went for my 2nd degree at the KoC last week and had free beer AND pizza. Hot DAMN! Even more importantly, I finally found an insurance company who will cover me with WHOLE life (not Term) at a reasonable rate. I'm not just talking accidental either. The whole shebang and I get my payments back after 30 years as well. Yes, $250K for a measly 86.40$/month and I GET IT ALL BACK. I've been paying nearly 1000$ a year for accidental so I'm really quite beside myself. I've been warning all my friends and co-workers who are getting married or thinking about children that now, before you go to the doctor with an ache or pain, would be the best time to get a nice little CHEAP insurance plan.

Other stuff: Parental Units are coming down for a visit this weekend so I've set out plans to rent the chipper shredder for the weekend. Gus, the Greek Christian Neighbor, is in Greece right now and he left the keys to his van with me so I have a vehicle capable of towing the mechanical maw without ruining the transport. If the snow melts, this should take no time at all. On Monday, I'll let you all know if I lost any limbs to the thing.

Valentines day came and went. I lobbed 3 boxes of chocolates (milk) at the Mrs; one from me and 2 from the kids. She is happy and the kids are happy since they got 5 tons of candy hearts. I'm using them in barter for reasonable behavior. Like last night after swim lessons. Oh, the old swim program director has left and the new one is less than competent. Mrs Wilda and her daughter ran the program so I'm not sure what went wrong. We may have to just hire Mrs Wilda to do private lessons for the kids if this new director can not get her act together. Alexis is trying to perfect her back-stroke/butterfly right now. She really looks like a frog when she kicks her legs in unison ... quite a sight for a girl who was terrified of the water not more than a 18 months ago.

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