White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Pandemic Rising

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Pandemic Rising

Once again, I've fallen short of my own expectations and have not been blogging on a daily basis. I'll blame Butros-Butros Gali and his damn Black Helicopters. Yesss, that's it. And the French are in on it. Anyways, the Mrs is sick. Hacking, coughing septum splattering all over the mirror sick. The kids are on the mend though. There is much coughing but no sign of any ear infection for Jake yet. I did take him to the pediatrician's for a quick lookover and they found nothing. They did give me a script for antibiotics ... just in case. They know him well and figure that I'm just being responsible by getting him in as quickly as possible but he will be subject to the rampaging bacteria sooner or later. Poor little guy, hope this curse does not live with him much longer. Hate to see them sick.

I, however, feel MUCH better. Food never tasted so damn good. So good in fact that I went out with the guys for lunch at the local brew pub for 2$ pints. I miss the 1$ pint days but I'll survive. After a plate of cheese nachos with everything, two beers and a hickory burger with extra bacon, I was truly sated. Startling. I actually had food left over on my plate and that is not something that my mother taught me. My stomach shrank. This might bode well for my weight 'problem'. Yeah, I could stand to loose a few pounds. Again, startling.

More startling news, Alexis has had two dry mornings in a row. Not sure if this is because of the stool loosener/antibiotics combination we gave her that extracts every last drop of fluid from her body, but she is about as pleased as punch about it. Lots of positive reinforcement from the Mortal Enemy/Nemesis/Parent Front helps. So proud of her, we are.

Final 'shocking' note ... I'm getting old. I sent off a happy birthday notice to my Big Little Brother on the 1st, the 2nd is Dirt-Rat day (damn, 6 more friggen weeks), and the 3rd is my day of remembrance that my mortal coil is unwinding. Sheesh, 38 and I still have not founded an inter-galactic empire. I need to get my but in gear. Anyone else here remember 45 records, B&W tv (w/o remote), manual typewriters and when unleaded gasoline was something fancy cars used?

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