White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Doctor, Doctor, Give me the news ...

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Doctor, Doctor, Give me the news ...

Last night was a busy one. The universe had a few surprised up it's sleeve for me. Nothing I could not handle but annoying none the less. Since Wednesday is Swim night, my schedule after work is absurdly compressed and there is no comfort gained by clear traffic on the Turnpike. No, I get to the main artery that leads to the Manor and find that it is backed up for a good mile with very little movement indicating either an accident or some other natural catastrophe. As it turns out, a major road, CountyLine Road, was blocked off at the Reading Railroad crossing. This Grade Level crossing is part of the reason that the road itself is only one lane. That, and the Turnpike Bridge are the two of the main bottlenecks. On either side of these 'Natural Obstacles' the road is 2 lanes in each direction. Closing down this section results in a significant detour and this gridlocked the entire area. I have a half mile between the Manor and the Day Care/ReEducation Facility and it took me nearly 15 minutes to grind through. I expect this to be the status quo for quite some time. The irritating part of this is that I had no warning or idea that this was going to occur. Thank you PADOT.

We were a few minutes late for swim lessons, but other than that things went well. Since they were the only 2 at the pool, Mrs Wilda was able to dedicate her full attention to them and they are doing much better w/o the 'floaters'. Watch out Marc Spitz. Since it was close to Valentine's Day, the kids got a packet of heart as a gift which I quickly confiscated so that they would not go into a sugar induced thermo-nuclear cold fusion meltdown at dinner. Yes, dinner. We got our usual seats at Fuji and found that our service was as impeccable as ever. Nice standard. I had my Negimaki while the Mrs had her Udon noodles and California roll. The children enjoyed their pot-stickers and Udon noodles. This time Jovial Jacob declined to take a taste of my Fuji Ice Tea. He learns! Daddy only drinks poison. The mix was even more potent this time and it quickly soothed what was ailing me. Angels descended as a halo of light illuminated me ... Cherubs floated about and sang praises to the anesthetic powers of the slick green liquid that ran down my parched palette to warm my gullet. Soon enough, the awful pain that has been griping my innards melted away instilling me with a positively GLOWING feeling of calm and relaxation.

Here is the kicker, I had a doctor's appt later that night at 2000 hours. So, no pain, and the doctor is saying 'WTF!?'. Yep, it was just the fact that I did not have enough hard alcohol in my system. Although, they did take a pinch of flesh, a cup of urine and a gallon of blood just to make sure. The scary part is that the doctor on call at the practice was a fairly young and inexperienced member and confided in me that she did not quite know what to think so would consult some of the more senior members. When I indicated that she should talk to my Primary Physician in regards to my 'condition', she was surprised to find out that I had MS. URK. Do I need to say anything about reading my records ... like the FRONT SHEET!? Nervous Nelly indeed.

To bed at 2200 hours, up at 0100 to take Jake to the bathroom and up again at 0645. More than enough sleep and I'm feeling quite well. Traffic this morning was messy, especially the Laser Beam sunlight of Blindness at the KOP exit, but tolerable. Looks like February might actually turn out to be a good month. Now if that 6 more weeks of winter BS would go away ... 20 degrees is cutting into the budget you know.

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