White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Bad Blogger!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Bad Blogger!

Yes, I've been bad. I've neglected my adoring throngs of fans for nearly 4 days now. So sorry, really I am. It's just that, well, my kidneys hurt. I know that sounds a bit peculiar, but I think the four days of fasting in conjunction with the antibiotics and the loads of pharma may have caused some sort of enzyme imbalance. Feels like someone took a base-ball bat to them. I'm fine in the morning, but by mid-afternoon I'm a wreck. Forget the evening, I'm useless. I've scheduled a bitch session at the family doctor's practice on Wednesday night after the kids swim lessons. Let's hope that I have nothing to complain about by then. Still, even if the pain is gone it does not mean there is no longer a problem. Nervous Nelly, eh?

Saturday, even with the aching organs, was mildly productive. Changed the dryer vent hose. Entertaining. 10 years of lint and other assorted evolutionary organisms were cast out into the cold. Since I had the dryer and deep freeze pried away from the wall, I did a little house-keeping back there. I think I may have found out what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. Just generally tons of crap and a stack of lost buttons. Buttons, in the land of the lost. Battling the SleeStacks and trying to keep Cha-Ka from smashing everything. So much for that 'routine expedition'. Once I jammed the hose in place and roughly rocked the utilities back in place, I focused on the 'hounds of hell' and the mess they left in their room. Step one, strip down their beds, confiscate all their toys, leave them with nothing. Step two, scrub the funk of ages from their fur. Step three, wash everything with a healthy dose of bleach. That takes all afternoon and the act of just trying to pick dog-hair out our your mouth when your hands are caked with the stuff can drive a man insane.

Sunday brought the Superbowl where we spent the evening at the Seliga's place. The kids ran wild while Pete and I puffed cigars out in the driveway in sub-freezing temperatures. Sure, I felt like crap but a moment of peace is like a gold plated fruit of knowledge: Covet and Savor. The kids did not get a bath that night but were tired enough to just not care all that much. Same went for the parents ... the caring, not the bathing part.

Monday, well, it was as it should be. I'll try to keep up to spec from now on. It is so much easier to be witty and cerebral when you are not feeling the weight of guilt pushing you down. This work thing; it just keeps getting in the way!

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