White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Revenge of Sebastian.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Revenge of Sebastian.


I'm a bit busy/tired/fatigued today but there are a few things to note this morning. First off, some dope in Hollywood turned on the hurricane winds here in Philly. On garbage day apparently. Well, garbage day in the next township which left our neighborhood littered with cheap plastic bins. In defense of the ecologically insensitive winds, my own can (empty) blew out into the neighbors lawn even though it was wedged up against the chimney near the Auto Fleet Docking Bay. I had to go out and track down our own recycling bins and trash cans in the driving rain. I had porters, pack beasts and guides. Fun when you are wearing nothing but a pair of ragged sweats and some flimsy house slippers. Great pasty white hunter indeed! Even the Hounds had the good sense to take care of business as quickly as possible when I let them out. Unfortunately, there were a couple of glass bottles in the recycle bin and they ended up in a 'Million little pieces' all over the driveway. Trash. The glass too.

Given that it is raining, and windy, I'll assume that you all understand the traffic situation here in Suburban Philly. Horrendous. On top of that some dunce at the TPK Commission thought it would be a great idea to put up a warning on the Giant Sign Of Doom that is suspended over the westbound lanes just after the Ft. Washington interchange. There are a handful of dopes that will slow down short of a complete halt to read both pages of the lighted sign to get all that very important data. 'Warning, Rain and wind. (pg2) Congestion ahead.' You know, because we cannot determine the weather without some Authority Figure/Big Brother guidance. You would think they were showing tomorrows lottery ticket numbers. This causes an artificial backup to friggen Spain. Lot's of love out there on the road. Most of it coming from me. Going back again over that cursed ground will be an even greater treat. The warm front it expected to be pushed back by a high-pressure cold front. We all know what that means: Sleet and Freezing Rain.

Speaking of love, I should just call PECO now and tell them my power is out. I know from the volume of rain that the transformer well and the switch are flooded and I'll be loosing my service shortly. It's swim night and I'll not be there to point out where all the equipment is buried. There are wmd out there somewhere and I'm sure it's under my driveway. Every time I have to deal with this nonsense I get one step closer to calling those fellows with the solar panels. Just line up that array of lead batteries and cut my umbilical cord to the grid. I'm done with outside world. Except for natural gas ... I'll need a few years to ramp up my animal methane collection facility. You know, the whole Thunder-Dome pig poop thing. Complete with Aging Diva and contentious Dwarf with a PhD.

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