White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Keep on swimming ...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Keep on swimming ...

I don't have much today other than to give a shout out to Altova. It's a work thing but they produced this product line of XML software that is nothing short of amazing. Them Germans, not a really lively group but Hans and Franz are top notch engineers. Their stuff works and does some fantastic transformations/code generation. It has limits but much of this is probably due to my inexperience with the suite or the fact that it is a demo. I'll have to see if the boss-lady is up to buying a honest-to-God-legal copy.

Last night, the Mrs and I spent hours in the basement. No, nothing romantic like that, but rather, going through pile of old papers, cruft and accumulated detritus. We need to make the basement habitable for the kids so we can recover and rehabilitate the living room and dining room. I'm tired of having to tell visitors to 'please ignore the mounds of toys piled up on the sofa'. There is lots of room in the basement, we just need to get our 'priceless treasures' properly crated or disposed of. I am finally letting go of a Mac Plus and 1001 different cables, connectors and other associated artifacts. Although they are potentially useful or 'neat', there is just no need for me to keep the stuff. Now the copies of Civilization II are a different story of course.

Tonight is swim night. We will swim free of the floaters and we will eat a celebratory dinner at Mt Fuji. Of course, I will have to go directly to bed after that since we have a 0700 corporate meeting the next morning. That means I need to get my sluggish hind-quarters out of bed by 0530 to have enough time. Urgh, pray for me and anyone who gets between me and my coffee.

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