White Lightning Axiom: Redux: It's not the pain, it's the wound that hurts

Thursday, January 26, 2006


It's not the pain, it's the wound that hurts

It's 0530. My alarm is going off. No, wait, strike that. It's 0400 and the migraine that I thought I quashed beneath a tide of pharmaceuticals and pain killers has broken trough my defenses and is dragging me into the painful, burning hell of consciousness. I thrash about the bedroom in a semi-aware state till I manage to find my way to the bathroom. I fumble about with the packet containing my potential savior, Maxalt. My mouth is stuffed with what seems like unprocessed cotton and the next passage, the throat, is a glutinous mass of semi-coagulated sputum. Of a matter of course, the most bitter element known to the gods is used as a primary agent in the pill and it immediately sticks to the back of my throat. I fumble about for a cup on the crowded counter top only to disturb every other upended bottle and finally surrender to the 'mouth under the faucet' technique. That is, only after I deliver a crushing blow to my ear when I make a serious distance/velocity miscalculation when bringing my head down to the spigot. Yes, I fall back into fitful slumber 15 minutes later only to be roughly roused by the alarm clock I knowingly placed out of reach ... on top of the book shelf ... backwards. Within a healthy slice of an hour, I'm on the road and rocketing off to the 0700 meeting with my skull still barely containing the hordes of beasts desperately trying to drill/blast/gnaw holes to the outside world. Along with the 'fake' pain, there is color insensitivity, light intolerance (damn car headlights are like bullets) and low-level nausea. I'm certainly going to be skipping the donuts for the first half of the gathering.

On a less whiny note, swimming went well last night. Again. The kids went in w/o floaters and I only had to reprimand them (and the significantly older Olympic Hopeful) to play safe a few times. Once the teachers showed up, we all realized how 'density enhanced' the kids are and the smaller floaters were applied quickly. Jake can keep his head above water for a few seconds, but his furious dog-paddle (panic does things to your cognitive abilities) would only take him so far. Progress is being made. Afterwards, we all head off to Mt. Fuji and eat a rather enjoyable meal. The owner, after 3 visits, now believes that we are regulars and was more than happy to over-ride the designated seating given that Alexis wanted to sit in the place we sat the last two times. I guess we have a 'reserved' table now.

Flash forward a few hours. I'm tired, the kids are wiped out and we all get to be before 2200 hours. Good thing except you already know the coming storm. The 0700 meeting lasted till 0830 where I was treated to an assignment of a 1030 meeting till 1230 and a follow up from 1430 till 1615. Yep, I got nothing done.

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