White Lightning Axiom: Redux: I got nothing

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I got nothing

Well, there is no new news to report. Zipo. Other than the bizarre cold snap which requires that I burn what little split wood I have left, nearly nothing is new. I hauled in half a face cord to fill up the empty brackets Monday evening. The Mrs had the day off ... Big Pharma Policy and all. So we burned up a bit of wood to keep her pretty little kiester from frosting up. We are now looking at an earlier depletion of fuel wood now. Alas, the $188 for another cord of seasoned split wood is a bit hard to swallow. I'll have to make it last. I think I know what I'll be doing THIS summer. Say hello to my little friend, Mr Splitting Maul.

Morning update ... traffic was thick this morning, but not unusually so. The Mrs had an early morning meeting today (read:0800) so we got up close to the target time and got out of the Manor a reasonable hour. This way, I can catch the yummy goodness that is the Morning Rush Hour on the PA Tpk. Mmmmm, exhaust fumes and the pheromones of rage. Sounds like breakfast.

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