White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Harumph

Tuesday, January 24, 2006



And again I say, Harumph! Work got the best of me today and I had no chance of even getting close to a browser of any flavor today. Although engaging, this 'work' concept is disturbing. I sit down at 0800 and before I know it, its already 1600 and I have not even touched my lunch. EGADS! How time and space bends around this exotic and intriguing happenstance invites further investigation.

Other quirks of note: Alexis is not letting up with the 'Diaper Wetting' habit. Most annoying. She tells me she won't but she invariably does. We tried cutting back on her night-time fluids to no avail. The volume is slight, but still there. She really wants to wear underwear to bed like Jake, but we need to make that final step. Perhaps its just too cold in the Manor or she needs a wake-up call. I'll probably have to do a bit of research here since my bribery/cajoling approach is not working.

One last thing. Whatever you do, never invite Civilization IV into your home. Like a vampire, it will lay waste to your life in the nocturnal hours. In the morning, you will get up from your statue like state only when your alarm goes off to wake you up. When you find that you have not gone to bed yet, it is then that the problem becomes apparent. Worse yet, you will go back for more the next night, like a ghoul feasting on the brains of your rotting corpse of a normal life.

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