White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Desert Dry

Friday, January 27, 2006


Desert Dry

It's Friday and my energy levels, motivation and just plain headlight oil levels are all going on fumes. Truthfully, the only thing of note so far is that our little Angel, Alexis the ThunderGoddess; Sender of Storms, chose not to let loose a tidal wave of waste-water in her pull-ups this morning. Much celebration was called for and the masses bowed down before the conquering hero. That does remind me of something about her Brother. Jacob, who will hence-forth be known as Loki, has found that while the toilet bowl is certainly off limits, there are other water related activities that are to be had. Yes, just push that porcelain tank lid off and there is a huge volume of water to play with! Sure, the tank lid makes a horrible noise when it falls to the floor and sends off razor sharp shards, but it's worth the swat on the rear and the inevitable time-out. Of course, when he did this at school the lid did not fall and he got to put both arms in up to his chest and do a little head-rinse as well. Never a dull moment. I'm starting to down-grade my hopes for him. No longer will he be rigorously educated an trained to be Potentate of Unified Earth ... no, he will be a plumber. I'm looking for the low-rider pants now.

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