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Thursday, January 05, 2006



Nothing new today. Odd. Well, other than the swim lessons last night. I managed to get the troops in line and we made it to the swim club a bit early. After everyone got suited up, we were in the water at 1735 ... a tad early. Mrs Super Swim Teacher and her daughter were there and I could not keep the kids out of the water. We could either go to the 1730 or the 1800 lessons so I suppose we will be doing the 1730 from now on. Jacob really liked Mrs Wilda's Daughter who is the administrator for the club. Odd how that worked out. The one down side is that the Mrs will not be able to arrive before we finish. She will be able to meet us at the restaurant afterwards though.

This week, the restaurant of choice was Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria. This is the same place where I proposed to the Mrs back in '94. One thing I never seem to remember is that week night (Mon-Thurs) service is tediously slow. If you order something that is a specialty plate, be prepared to wait. It took nearly an hour for the adult meals to arrive, which was bad and good. Good in so much that we could focus on making sure the kids ate what they wanted and bad in that the kids were finished and agitating to leave by the time we got our searing hot plates served up to us. I wolfed down my veal (I know, I know ... it was not very good either) and shuttled the tyrants off to the manor while the Mrs stayed behind to wrap up the tip negotiations and do a little shopping afterwards. One interesting thing is that we met a gentleman and his wife in the booth next to us during the wait. The kids were playing your typical kid-flirtation games and they just had to comment on how wonderful these little deviants were. The man was very loquacious and amiable. Looking at him, I would have guessed that he was in his late 50's but he told us that his 70th birthday was right around the corner. He looked GREAT. Must be the red wine. I'll have to look into that.

Oh, and on the power front ... no problems today. Of course, this recent experience has spurred me into looking more seriously at a heat pump to get the preferential RH electric rates and supplement that with solar panels. It seem that we only get ripped badly in the summer months (4 in total) where we get charged one rate for usage up to 500kwh and then another that is bit higher after that. When you blow through 1500 kwh in a month, it adds up. August and September can be fairly expensive months. Oh, and that off-peak power stuff ... not such a good idea. Trust me.

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