White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Back in black

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Back in black

Yes, yes. I know. I should have let you all know I was going to go into hiding for two weeks. Oh, but what a great vacation. When I intend to be on vacation, I mean it! Complete separation from the cyber-world/blogosphere. No mail, no AIM, no blogs. Nada. Well, except a touch of Civilization IV ... complete time vacuum. In any event, things went fairly well. Logs on the fire, comfort food abounded. Mostly good things happened. Some bad shit went down, but that's family for ya. The kids were the center of attention and got more gifts in one day than I got my entire life. As it should be. Amish Dad got a joint-venture gift from Big Little Brother and I ... a $400 chainsaw that makes trees fall by just taking it out of the case. The Mrs bought herself a Tivo with a 100 bazillion GB storage capacity. We are all happy with that. I get my two shows (Good Eats, Ghost in the Shell) and that makes me happy. Now I can watch everything I want in under 40 minutes before 0200. Grams, well she got heaping mounds of cuddling from Jake every morning. Damn, can that kid manipulate! He is going to be trouble some day. Unlike his sister who is trouble now. She has discovered that playing parents against each-other can bring mixed results but has a rather substantial success rate. New Years was great too. Jake made it all the way till 0400 and was ready for more till we bolted him into the chair. He passed out in 5 minutes. Alexis did not go much beyond 0200 which is fine. She was up at 0900 the next day though. Urgh. We pretty much just bummed around on the 1st and the kids seemed to be content to be TV slugs as well. Good times. Hope you all had a fairly respectable vacation and thanks for asking about me. Sorry 'bout that. :)

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