White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Alas, poor Thursday ...

Friday, January 13, 2006


Alas, poor Thursday ...

Today, I'm not too 'up beat'. Is it because today is Friday the 13th? Not sure, but I think the weight of the world on my shoulders just crept up a few notches. Something about the universal constant of gravity increasing or something. Friggen universe, always messing with me. I spit at thee from the dark depths of despair! HAH! I think this case of melancholy-light has a lot to do with the 'stupid project' (which I actually like, kinda) and the stupid traffic (which has been awful of late) and the stupid wireless repeater issue at the manor (which the Mrs fixed).

Actually, the repeater thing worked out fairly well. We get lousy signal strength on the top floors of the Manor due to the black-out blinds and various wiring projects (gone horribly wrong). The anti-NSA lead shielding doesn't help much either. In any event, I pressed the Mrs into service and insisted she call the Support Line while I entertain the Tyrants. About 90 minutes later, the node was configured and there was an index card of notes regarding the missing instructions that should have been in the user's guide. Little things like the fact you need to have the node hard-wired to configure it and the name of the node needs to match the name of the router, etc... The Mrs was relieved and a bit tweaked about it ... but happy no less that she can surf the corporate intraweb at top speed. Cisco/LynkSys ... our savior, our nemesis.

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