White Lightning Axiom: Redux: T minus 8 hr

Thursday, December 22, 2005


T minus 8 hr

Swim night, went well. Alexis is a bit too independent but does get a bit of exercise. We went to Pippo's Fantastico after that. I had the Sea Bass (yummy) while the kids stuck to the old stand-by of spags-n-balls or cheese ravioli. The Mrs, chicken, white sauce, etc. There were leftovers of course. I finished mine though. Interesting enough, the establishment was rather empty so our tyrants in training did not disturb too many people. Additionally, Jake took it upon himself to flirt mercilessly with the waitress. At one point he latched on too her wrist to look at the (ohhhh, shiny) bracelet she was wearing and would not relinquish. Masher.

The big drive is coming soon. I'll be heading up either in the wee hours of the morning tonight or the post-rush hour times in the afternoon to pick up the OutLaws. Usually, we would insist that they take the train to the local drop point at Cornwall Heights but that is not going to happen. Thanks, of course, to the TWA Local 100 and their ILLEGAL STRIKE. Fire the lot of 'em I say. But enough of that ... I've got some packing to do. You see, since this is my last day at the client site, I need to remove all my worldly belongings from the sensory deprivation cube I've been crated into for the last 2 or so years. On the up-side, I'll be returning to the Home Office for an evening event and to drop off my cruft. We have an annual Secret Santa/Pirate Pollyanna every year and it can be a bit of fun. Since I've been away, we have lost a few employees and replaced them with people I do not know. It should be interesting. New people to victimize!

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