White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Wound up ...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Wound up ...

Ahhh, the predictable work week. Sure, it's jam packed with inane requests and subjectively mind-numbing repetition, but hey - they pay me regularly and it beats digging ditches in the doldrums of the stagnant summer heat. And yes, I had that job once before so the comparison is quite salient and tactile in my recollections. Speaking of ditches, there was another set of cars in the ditch on the backroads that I use to get from the Turnpike (Of DOOOOOM) to the Haupertonain Manor and World Combine Headquarters. There is a staggered intersection that people use to short-cut through a development. This area runs below a train trestle and is chronically flooded as well. In any event, the traffic backs up at this second road about 20 meters from the light where there is no traffic flow devices other than a stop sign. Impatient drivers habitually try to leap out into traffic and this results in an extraordinary number of accidents. I've seen school-busses get severely damaged there. It's outside my township so I have no real impact but if I was a resident, I would insist that left turns at that particular 'T' intersection be forbidden. Today it was only 3 little sporty cars, tomorrow it could be another school bus.

I arrive home at a reasonable hour which gives me time to take out the trash, recycling and such. Water Gus's plants, bring in the mail, deactivate the antipersonnel mines, bring the pulse lasers off line, ... standard stuff. Let the dogs out to wreck the yard, clean up the mountains they leave behind. I'm not complaining about that since the are doing it in the back now instead of their kennels. It's all about the schedule. Gotta pick some beans from the garden too. The kids need their green beans. Oddly enough, they like the over-ripe ones. They'll pick the seeds out of the pods and just eat them while tossing the pods to the hounds. The dogs get their fiber, the kids get their protein, the parents get the satisfaction of knowing everyone is eating right. The Mrs makes it back just as I was preparing to go out on the 1730 S&R mission. This makes it a good evening since I also have to put together grilled cheese sandwiches and Mac-n-Cheese for their lunches. If I get an early start on the cooking, I have some time to spend with the kids. Of course, but the time dinner is over and I'm done cooking, I'm nearly spent energy-wise. I would love to get some exercise so I could bring up my endurance a bit, but when would I find the time. Such are the mundane decisions of my life. My daily well of time seems to run dry awfully quick.

Speaking of shallow wells, Alexis went another day with dry underwear and no 'Make Stinky' accidents. I'm a bit uneasy about the ease to which she took to potty training. All we did was put her favorite underwear on her and it was a done deal. She is more terrified of making her 'Princess Panties' dirty than of remains themselves! Of course, there is Jacob on the other side. You ask him if he needs to go, he say no, looks up at you and soils himself. Heh, go figure. I'm sure he is a chip off the old block.

Speaking of chipped blocks, the kids escaped from bed again last night. They only do this once during the night. I guess they just have to test the waters to see if Mommy-n-Daddy are up for an extended play time. Can't blame them though. They don't get to see us all that much and it breaks my heart when they insist that we snuggle with them just a few more minutes while we read another page from the story book. Hmm, nobody ever told me about this longing heart when it came to kids. Not this early, at least.


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