White Lightning Axiom: Redux: true tue

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


true tue

The grand announcement of the day, it's trash pick-up day. The neat part of that is the lack of a diaper bag. Yep, the burn-rate of diapers is going down. Sure, we have some accidents and if we let the kids sleep in there are repercussions. To make it even better, Purple Heart is going to be stopping by to pick up a bunch of clothing donations. MMmmm, less stuff. I'm doing my best to simplify. I've got so many bits of clothing that I just don't wear. Much of it being t-shirts from way back in the 1980's and so-forth. Heaps of old CS books were also slated to make a hasty departure from the Manor. The best thing that we have ever done is to 'move' out of the upper floors so that we can get do an IPL (initial program load) on our habitat. Some of the stuff piling up in the Master Suite was being compressed back into wood in the case of paper and sheep in the case of cotton clothing. Hell, I think I spotted a small North American Poly Esther scuttling away when I picked up some old size 30 pants. Size 30 ... yeah, have not seen that around my rapidly expanding universe of a waist line in at least 4 years. Now, if I can keep the Mrs from buying me more clothing to replace that which I have banished. Dreams.

Yesterday, when I got to the client site, I found out that I was in for a little surprise. Last year, I thought I had lost my wallet because I mistakenly put it in the wrong pocket. I've promised my self that I would not do that again. The only reason I noticed it was in the wrong pocket (or that it was not where I expected it) is that I keep the building key-card in it. That, and a couple of other key-cards for other clients. Since I have these other cards, I have to actually take the card out of my wallet so that it will scan correctly. Otherwise, the other 'pretender' cards would supersede the reader and the door would remain locked. Oh bother. So I set down my raft of cruft that I lug between the office and home to pull out the card ... but what is this! 2 cards and all the other standard items ... no card. Oh no ... I've lost it. First panicked thought; where did I loose it? Probably the swim club. Second thought; how am I going to get inside? Most of the other employees arrive between 0930 and 1000 so 0745 is absurdly early. I would have to wait till either someone arrived or... yes. The cafe staff arrive a bit earlier than I and they have propped the back door open so they could go out and smoke without having to worry about ending up in my predicament. So I glide in through the kitchen where no-body even gives me a second glance. It make you wonder what good is the security. They have an electronic lock and a camera at the door, but the kitchen entrance has neither of those. Ahhh, a Ghost in the Machine am I. So as a dutiful employee, I immediately report the missing key to the appropriate authorities and sally forth. By the end of the day, I got no response and no new card. Oh, I'm certain that they are working very hard at it. (Read: In a pigs eye!). Flash forward 12 hours where I'm going through my wallet at home. I've got a few gasoline receipts that I need to give to the Mrs so she can file them with our other finance documents so I'm pulling out the excess stuff and I notice that the credit cards are out of order. Yes, the type-A person that I am, I have a specific order for my CC and my medical cards in my wallet. I start extracting the cards (all 2 of them) like fangs out of a giant, extraordinarily venomous vipers mouth. What's this, my missing key card is BEHIND my super-digital security brain-virus Amex from hell card. Ooot. So, instead of misplacing my wallet into the wrong pocket, I've misplace the card in the wrong pocket inside the wallet. The permutations befuddle me. Argh.


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