White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Proposed KOP adult cabaret ... No Thanx

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Proposed KOP adult cabaret ... No Thanx

In the hinterlands of the Main-line, a forbidden fruit is being pollinated on a withered tree.

I've seen this kind of outrage before and it has nothing to do with what is proposed and EVERYTHING to do with the lack of self control, forethought or willpower. Of course, there will be the seedy element and the coincidental rise in crime. Perhaps they should just cut to the chase and pass and ordinance that would forbid entertaining this nature of patronage. It is obvious that the township has little need for the tax revenue from this manner of business. Those within the township who would like this kind of entertainment would certainly never speak up to condemn it. They already have their own mechanisms for sating the appetites that would shame them if exposed. No, I think it would be best to either let the business go up and consequentially fail. I drive past that place and getting into the location is a nightmare at best, unreachable at worst. There is no space for parking and although highly visible, most traffic in the region is transitory. Duplicity is giving this woman exactly what she wants ... publicity.


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