White Lightning Axiom: Redux: I'll be growing soy, corn and solar panels this year, you?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I'll be growing soy, corn and solar panels this year, you?

Ok, this seems to be an echo from the Solar Initiative over in CA ...

Well damn. Now how about trying this with the Morty Q Public home owners of the world? Eh? If these things last for any length of time we would not have all these brown-outs that we have become so fond of during the Sizzling Sultry Summers.Heh ... turkeys and chickens have the poorest heat management systems of all domesticated livestock. But back to what he said, yeah, it makes a LOT of sense. Here is the kicker though:UGH! Okay, I'll assume he had a MAJOR system installed for that kind of crushing debt to make sense. It still set him back $130K for something that will only be maintained for 20 years and probably is going to require a bit of TLC after the hail storms ... and snow ... and high winds. It seems that the average Joe will have little access to this 'Greenhouse Gas/Global Warming/Energy efficient' technological wonder unless they are rolling in cash. Now if you could buy plug-n-play replacement panels at the local Home Depot Temple ...


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