White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Huh?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005



Ok, absolutely nothing happened yesterday. Well, except for a little snafu with a project at the client site. No big surprise there. How do I explain this .... Hmmm. Ok, say you have a list of people. You take this list and copy each name to a notebook with the word 'New' next to each of them. You give this notebook to another person and he copies all the 'New' names to his own notebook and checks off each of them in your book. That works. So, now how do you REMOVE people from the list? Well, you and I would put a note or something of that nature by the names we want to erase, right? Apparently not. The list of people we get will indicate that a person is to be removed by NOT having the person in the list. Soooo, you have to take the notebook from the guy that you want to remove the person from and write in your notebook that the person is to be removed. Then give both your notebook and his notebook back to him so he can erase it and check off in your notebook that he erased it in his own. Ummm, yeah. Now this is a non-tech description of what I'm doing with a list of stores for a major chain store with over 7000 stores in the US alone. The notebooks are actually tables in a database. So I have to take each of these stores, see if they exist in the data base to see if they are updates or new inserts and THEN look at the original list to see if any are to be deleted. It took me a few hours to re-implement but it would have taken me under 30 minutes if the information about the disposition of the entries was actually recorded with the original data. This kind of absurdly ass backwards logic permeates my environment ... is it me? Am I out of sync with reality or am I living in a Dilbert cartoon? SIGH I suppose it's better than digging ditches.

In other news, the Purple Heart people stopped off and picked up MOST of our donations. They left 4 bags that I took to the corner drop box. They also forgot to leave a receipt. Whatever. The Master Suite is nearly empty now and I will be able to start the deconstruction soon. So close, but yet, so far.


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