White Lightning Axiom: Redux: FRIDAY!

Friday, August 05, 2005



It seems as though the kids are getting tired of the whole sprinkler idea. I had the hounds out with them last night so it was a regular 3 ring circus. For some psycho reason, the hounds are not entirely fond of water ... unless it's their toxic fire piss that they use to eradicate my lawn. After coercing the hounds to lay near sprinkler ground zero ... the kids would spray them by holding the spinning Elmo Water Fountain and pointing one of the streams at them. The dogs took the abuse and smelled better for it. After a bit though, the kids just wanted to go inside. Fine ... Mommy isn't home so I had to act fast. Nothing is more distracting then having two dripping wet 3 year olds running about the manor ... except perhaps 3 year olds w/o clothing and a gut full of water they drank from the sprinkler. I swear they had to pee every 5 minutes that night.

Speaking of the bathroom ... Alexis is, well, trained. For the most part. She was having too much fun last night and had 1 accident. She was not happy when I made her wear a pull-up but I was not inspired to mess with underwear 10 minutes before her bath. I think she got the idea that if she was going to wear her underwear, she needs to let us know that she has to go. Jake, on the other hand ... argh. I spent nearly 15 minutes in the bathroom with him on the toilet. He did everything to convince me that he did not have to go poop only to fill his pants 2 minutes later after I released him from his potty prison. The doctor said that little boys are the hardest to break ... wait till he gets an earfull about Jake! He'll get there though ... sooner or later.

Oh, and speaking of sooner ... Jake went right to sleep last night at 2100 hours. Mommy asked him to go to sleep and he said: "Oh, ok mommy." that was the last peep we heard from him till 0515 this morning. He was complaining and wailing that he wanted out. We had put up a gate on the side of his bed so he would not fall out in the night. He tosses and turns like a whirling dervish when he sleeps. Soo at the but-crack of dawn, we were freeing him from interment and taking him to the bathroom to go potty. Upside is that his pullup was completely dry, downside is that we spent the next hour trying to sleep with little Mr Pointy Elbows thrashing about between us in the Full Sized bed that we now sleep in. Not an simple proposition when you consider that we used to sleep in the Mile Wide Water Bed. It's like telling the populace of NYC that the need to all move to Brooklyn. Not a lot of happy campers! I really need to get cracking on emptying out the Master Suite so I can get it refurbished ... ASAP.


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