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Wednesday, August 03, 2005



I spent most of my time yesterday trolling ftp drop points for files which never arrived. One set were supposed to be ready first thing in the morning and did not arrive till 2100 ... long after I had departed for the day. The other file, the store location daily download, never did and was pushed till the next day. Suuureee. The excitement nearly knocked me dead. The upside was that I was able to leave that all behind me when I retired to the Manor for the night.

Tonight was the anticipated lo-Miegn and Meat-ball dinner night for the kids. It's an easy meal to prepare and the kids typically eat without any admonishment or undue pressure. We didn't even get close to the dinner table after the S&R mission was successfully completed though. No, the kids INSISTED that they be allowed to play once the SuperSaturn powered down. Not the sandbox either, no, they wanted to play with the tricycles on the driveway. They always fight over the same one though. There are two different vehicles and it never fails to end up as a cat fight over who gets to ride first. Either cycle. They don't have a favorite either. Both of the toys could be a point of contention. In cases like this I'll default to hauling out the driveway chalk so that their attention will be distracted from the 'Battle Royal'.

So, the standard behavior with all the toys out is for Alexis to start drawing on the driveway as Jacob runs off towards the street in an effort to induce me chase him down. Not today. He notices that the lawn sprinkler system is going and decides to investigate. Not just with his eyes though, no. He steps right in front of the refreshing stream of water gushing forth from the head and quickly saturates his shirt and hair. Seeing this, Alexis is insistent that she become part of this new and intriguing activity. I have learned, in these last 3 years, that fighting or resisting this kind of interest on the part of my dynamic duo is futile. I bargain and cajole them into agreeing to a change of clothing so that we could more efficiently play in the sprinklers. In the process, I also fetch an Elmo Sprinkler from the toy cache and set it up. Much fun was had in the 60-90 minutes between the initial sprinkler discovery and the moment when Mominator arrives at the Manor. Then, the wet-fun is over. It was great while it lasted of course ... and I'm sure there will be a popular uprising this afternoon for a second run at the new Haupertonian Wet World Playground ... should be interesting if I got the dogs in the act as well.


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