White Lightning Axiom: Redux: weekend in review

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


weekend in review

Yes Victoria, there is a MDMHVONPA. Since I have been offline or otherwise preoccupied, I'm going to wimp out and give you the low-down on the activities over the last few days in the crappy, bullet list format.

  • Swim lessons with kids - warm pool

  • Perkins Pancake Breakfast - tired kids

  • Shopping - agitated kids, angsty daddy at Bloomingdales

  • Rest of day, sleep, watch tv, lay about

  • Give some veggies to Marvin in preparation of getting his last kidney out

  • Sharon, his wife, fell down stairs and sprained an ankle - Rain: Pour

  • Sunday
  • Mow Lawn in morning, it was cool enough that the asphalt wasn't melting

  • Mess with garden: tons of cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans
  • talk to Gus -> he going on vacation and asked me to water plants since my garden is so nice

  • Mrs tries to potty train today with underwear ... bumpy ride proclaimed after 7th clothing change

  • Monday
  • Wake at 0400 to the sounds of rain - SuperSaturn windows open

  • Run out to close said windows, realize migraine pain

  • Spend rest of morning thrashing in bed (bad thrashing)

  • Pass out after family leaves - wake after noon

  • Blame migraine on barometric pressure flux

  • wash dogs, take out trash, laundry, water Guss's plants, etc ...

  • Tuesday
  • Work catch-up routine ... nothing goes right

  • Turnpike buckles from heat again (98, max humidity)

  • Nearly die after kid s&r, they wanted to play outside, I DID melt!

  • Wednesday (today)
  • Drop off Family Tank at 0715 at the dealership - flat tire, bad breaks

  • Get to work by 0800, get call that repairs are going to run about 500.00$

  • Sell left kidney on EBay to Marvin to cover repair costs

  • And there you have it ... mundane, but oh so tantalizing, eh?


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