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Tuesday, July 19, 2005



I mowed the lawn last night. I think that it could have possibly been 1 or 2 percent more humid, but only if we were actually underwater. I could not put it off for any longer though, I had to get it done before the jungle got so thick that I would have to use daisy-cutters just to bring it down to a manageable height. The front yard was all I could do though. The air was so thick it was like trying to breath through a wet quilt. I broke a sweat just by walking between the SuperSaturn and the car-port entrance to the Manor. Skipping the back-yard will do no harm since it is fairly shredded from the Mammoth Hounds and their antics. I'm usually a moderate summer guy. Summer is nice in that I can get the agricultural sector really going by now. I've been having a hard time finding things to put in place of the peas that we have removed though. Anybody out there got some suggestions? Super Grams suggested Broccoli or cabbage, but I have yet to find any seeds or sprouts at the usual outlets. I do have 3 potted eggplant sprouts that I put in the ground a while back. But that would not even come close to maximizing the utilization of open space. I'll figure something out ... like giant kudzu pomegranates or something.

The NYC Chinatown Fridge from hell is gone. I set it at the curb with it's 36$ white-goods sticker and POOF, the magic garbage fairies took it away. Or was it the perturbed Furies? Either way, good riddance, the thing has been nothing but misery from the moment I set eyes/hands/arms on it. Still, it bugs me that we had to pay to get rid of it. I could have left it on the side of the road in NJ or on the street in NYC ... but that would not be right. Argh, the curse of moral clarity.

Other things of note: our electric bill was nearly 300$ for last month. Running the ac nonstop the whole time had something to do with that me thinks. I really need to look into what it would cost me to have a heat-pump installed. I'll wager that I would recover the cost within a year or two. Anyone out there have any experience with these?


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