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Monday, July 18, 2005



Standard weekend ... except it was either outrageously hot and humid or we were cowering beneath angry thunderstorms. This means that the lawn did not get mowed. Even more fun, I spent a lot of time standing in the rain and telling the dogs that they need to go potty before they can come back inside. Durned sissy dogs.

Back to Saturday for a moment. We did the Swim thing in the morning but we could not go to Perkins as we always do. No, we had to go to this diner near our home since we had an 1100 appointment with the pediatrician's office. The diner ... well, it sucked. The food was marginal and late. The home fries were torched scalloped potatoes and the coffee was thin and not promptly served. No, we will most likely not be returning. We had gone to this place before and the service and offerings were poor then too. It has only gone down-hill. It's called the Olympus Diner now ... I forget what it was once called. Perhaps the 'Mt of No Return'. In spite of our delayed exit from the land of languishing wax-food, we managed to make it to our appointment on time and were able to tick off the kids 3 year checkup. They seem to be right on track according to the doctor, Dr Endo. When the kids had their blood-pressure checked, I told them that they were getting MUSCLES and to watch them grow. They were delighted and Jacob insisted that he put the sleeve on himself. For the entire weekend, the talked about getting muscles. With all the measurements and figures taken down, we found that Jake was in the 50th percentile and Alexis was in the 25th. Odd, she is 1 lb lighter and 1 inch shorter then Jake, but the 'ranking' was so much lower. If they only knew how much more she eats than him!.

The notary public stopped by the Manor at 0200 on Saturday. Just to sign off on the last of the loan paperwork for the refinancing. Nice enough lady. The kids liked her and Alexis was actually not shy when meeting her for the first time. Odd. It took about 20 minutes to get all the paperwork signed, initialed and notarized. The wife made a comment that we've been living in the Manor for nearly 8 years now and we STILL have 30 years to go on our mortgage. Heh, yeah. Except we are 40K closer to having the house paid off now and within the next 10 years I can pay off the loan with my 401K and pay the interest to myself instead of some bank. Ahhh, the stuff that dreams are made of.

Oh, it rained all Sunday, not much more to say about that.


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